TREND FZCO started developing in 2006 its capabilities to include the design, manufacturing and supply of pre-fabricated, modular portable cabins due to its increasing demand for fast-track camp construction in the oil & gas industry. These cabins are manufactured to allow for rapid “Assemble-and Disassemble” system which can be easily transported and relocated to different locations at any given time. These cabins are protected from varied weather conditions by using the latest Electrostatic-Powder Coating technology Standard dimensions and specification for the portable cabins are:

Dimensions: Length 6360mm x Wide 3050mm x Height 2810mm

Wall material: Polyurethane-insulated sandwich panel with profiled metallic facings and thickness of 40~60mm

Roof material: Polyurethane-insulated sandwich panel with corrugated metallic facing on one side and profiled facing on another and thickness of 50mm Floor material: 16mm thk. plywood floor on 10mm thk steel plate with vinyl or ceramic tile finish

Doors: Anodized aluminum-type profile system for external door sets. Anodized UPVC type profiled system for internal door sets.

Windows: UPVC framed, hermetically sealed, double glazed units consisting of an outer clear laminated glass pane, sealed air gap and an inner clear laminated glass pane 2